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Toyota Landcruiser 70 Introduction

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2009 2008 RHD Toyota Landcruiser 70, Toyota Landcruiser 76, Toyota Landcruiser 78 Hardtop, Toyota Landcruiser 79 LX Cab Chassis, Toyota Landcruiser 70 5 door SUV, Toyota Landcruiser 200, Toyota Landcruiser 100 at Jim Autos :: Thailand’s Largest 4×4 and Accessories Exporter :: Exporting Toyota Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Toyota Fortuner

2009 Right Hand Drive Toyota Landcruiser 70 and Landcruiser 200 VX and VX Limited Available now at Jim Motors

Right Hand Drive 2009 Toyota Landcruiser 70 and Landcruiser 200 VX and VX Limited are now available at Jim Autos Thailand.

Toyota Landcruiser 70 is a versatile commercial vehicle used in farms, factories, mines and warfront all over the world. Right Hand Drive Toyota Landcruiser 70 may be hard to get but not at Jim Autos Thailand.

landcruiser 70 2 door cc model from Jim Autos Thailand landcruiser 70 2 door LX Landcruiser 70 5 door Landcruiser 70 5 door LX
Landcruiser 70 Turbo diesel 2 door cc 4500 cc Landcruiser 70 LX Turbo diesel 2 door cc 4500 cc Landcruiser 70 Turbo diesel 5 door Hardtop 4500 cc Landcruiser 70 LX Turbo diesel 5 door Wagon 4500 cc

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Pick Up is tough and reliable to the core; this is the one vehicle that will never leave you stranded. With the Toyota Land Cruiser Pick Up 70, you are guaranteed of having all the power you need to get the job done. The mighty Toyota Land Cruiser has become a legend in its own time. For over 50 years, Toyota Land Cruiser has proven its ability in rugged encounters all over the globe – handling the day-in, day-out pressures of an on-farm, off-road, on-site vehicle with extraordinary stamina and dependability.

landcruiser 70 LX cab chassis from Asia top RHD Landcruiser dealer exporter landcruiser 70 cab chassis from world top source of RHD Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser 70 LX Cab Chassis

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Cab Chassis

Landcruiser 70 top of the line Toyota Landcruiser70 hardtop

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Wagon

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Hardtop

From desert heat to the South Pole, in the most severe conditions encountered on the world’s toughest off-road tracks, Land Cruiser has earned its reputation for reliability and durability. Land Cruiser’s enviable reputation continues all over the world. Everyday, we are pushing Land Cruisers to their limits on the farm and in some of the most severe conditions on the planet. The workhorse Land Cruiser 70 series is no exception. It carries on the robust, no-nonsense approach needed when vehicles are taken to extremes.

toyota landcruiser interior from thailand top landcruiser dealer exporterThe heart of Land Cruiser beats stronger than ever thanks to an all new 4.5 litre V8 turbo diesel engine. The low end torque flattens out hills and straightens corners.

This new Land Cruiser 70 has rugged good looks and a sturdy feel. What’s more, it’s available in three distinct body shapes so there’s even more potential for carrying loads and passengers. With a five door Wagon joining the classic Cab Chassis and troop carrying Hardtop, there’s now a Land Cruiser 70 to suit every heavy duty application.

Land Cruiser 70 is renowned for reliable high performance whatever the job or working conditions. Land Cruiser 70 is powered by Toyota’s first 4.5 litre V8 common-rail turbo diesel engine, letting you power through the working day. Delivering 151kW at 3400rpm and an impressive 430Nm of torque from only 1200rpm, this engine provides the muscle needed to tackle the best, and worst of natural terrain. Thanks to the common-rail type injection system, exhaust gas recirculation cooler and variable nozzle vane type turbocharger, excellent fuel efficiency and lower emissions have been achieved. Land Cruiser 70 offers a 5-speed manual transmission, part-time 4WD with manual front hubs, a limited slip rear differential and an idle up switch. The low transfer ratio and high torque at idle allows very low speeds for controlled off-road manoeuvres and steep descents.

There are plenty of refinements engineered into Land Cruiser 70 without compromising its integrity. For the times when there is a road to travel on, you’ll notice bumps are evened out thanks to coil sprung front suspension and a long wheelbase. Then, when the going gets tough these same coils, coupled with a rigid front axle, give great axle articulation for all-important traction. Because the primary role of Land Cruiser 70 is tough off-road load carrying, there are leaf springs at the rear.

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